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The only required information is a hotspot listing Title, but we encourage you to add photos to your listing.  You can also make a video, upload to Youtube, grab the url and add it to the listing.  Thank you for helping us clean up marine debris from our oceans.


1 – Give your hotspot listing a descriptive Title IE: “Plastic toys and styrofoam mess on the beach near Alaska”

2 – Enter a Description of the hotspot, this is optional. You can add links and html here.

3 – Select Pollution Hotspot, then check all that apply under Types of Pollution.

4 – Upload images already taken / take images using your phone camera and / or enter youtube video link.

5 – Location.  To enter a map marker, you must start by either selecting the nearest geographical location from the list, by clicking or touching the geolocate symbol: geolocate_symbol to the right of the address bar,

or by typing the nearest city, town, state or province, into Address Line 1 (will autolocate based on your entry),  then click GENERATE ON GOOGLE MAP to put a marker on the map. After a marker is on the map, you may fine tune the marker placement by dragging it. Fine tune the location by dragging the marker or by entering specific latitude and longitude coordinates. (this works best in the Chrome browser)

6 – Captcha security, check the box “I am not a Robot”

7 – Click “Submit new listing” button to submit the Hotspot to our map!